Monday, August 24, 2009

The history of Labor Day

Happy Labor Day,
I was sitting here thinking of something clever to blog about but decided to look up the history of Labor Day. This is what I found:

An annual American holiday usually held on the first Monday in September, Labor Day is dedicated to the American worker who puts in long hours dedicated to preserving a way of life by selflessly endeavoring to promote the prosperity and growth of a nation proudly, through their efforts. In recognition of this dedicated way of life, a Labor Day Party is a fitting tribute to workers from all walks of life. There is no clear answer to who began the Labor Day tradition America celebrates so proudly, but it is normally attributed to either Peter J. McGuire or Matthew McGuire, who were both instrumental in improving working conditions for Americans throughout the United States, and preserving a way of life so dear to one and all.

From the earliest known celebrations of Labor Day to present day celebrations, Labor Day parties seem to have a common thread. From the very beginning, Labor Day has been a family break from doing what it takes to maintain hearth and home, and doing it in a manner to best benefit workers and their families all over the nation. Some people prefer to celebrate in quiet comfort in their own homes, some prefer to hit the holiday hot spots all over the world, and see this holiday as their just desserts for day after day of hard work throughout the year. So, when making plans for your family to enjoy the holiday, the only hard and fast rule is to come to some kind of agreement so you and your family can all do something they enjoy together.

Some Labor Day party celebrations are picnics, camping trips, barbeques, or just family dinners spent together. No matter what you and your family decide to do on Labor Day, you will benefit from deciding early, making all your arrangements well in advance, and planning carefully to avoid a bottle neck on what is one of the most widely celebrated holidays in the nation. Plan for the entire family, then sit with everyone to plan a schedule. It can be challenging to get everyone on the same page, but it is worth it, when your holiday running smoothly is at stake. Book up the best that you can swing, carry your own grill just in case, or in a pinch, use large terra cotta planters filled half way with sand and topped off with hot coals to safely cradle skewers of seasoned, marinated meats, veggies, and fruits over the heat and enjoy the great, healthy taste of the outdoors!

Have a safe and Happy Labor Day