Tuesday, December 3, 2013

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

foreclosure news

Arizona foreclosure inventory down 58% from a year ago
Foreclosure activity in Phoenix is plunging to some of the lowest levels in the nation.  Arizona's foreclosure inventory took a 58% year-over-year nosedive to a rate of 1.3% in April, according to CoreLogic.  Arizona also hovered well below the national foreclosure rate (the percentage of all outstanding mortgages that are in some stage of foreclosure) of 2.65% for the month - down almost 25% from a year ago.
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Buying a House? Don't Make These Mistakes
First-time homebuyers can get easily side-tracked by fixable "problems," like an unappealing paint color, and they often overlook hidden costs of home ownership like maintenance expenses.  There are four mistakes that newbies tend to make:
1) Being turned off by problems that are easily fixed.
2) Overlooking hidden costs.
3) Failing to budget for DIY projects.
4) Misunderstanding new homeowners insurance coverage.
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Monday, May 20, 2013

Memorial Day When did it start?


The last Monday in May is the day when the United States celebrates Memorial Day. This holiday was originally called Decoration Day due to the practice of decorating graves of soldiers. It is a day of remembrance for those who have died serving America.
President Lyndon Johnson officially declared Waterloo, New York, the birthplace of Memorial Day in May 1966. However, the origins of the day are not quite so clear. On May 5, 1868 General John Logan, national commander of the Grand Army of the Republic, officially declared Memorial Day. It was first observed later that month on May 30th when the graves of Union and Confederate soldiers were decorated at Arlington National Cemetery.The reason why President Johnson declared Waterloo, New York as the birthplace of Memorial Day was because it was the first state to officially recognize the holiday in 1873. The Southern states that seceded to start the Civil War refused to acknowledge the holiday until after World War I. That was because until that point the holiday honored only those who fought and died in the Civil War. In 1971 Congress put into law that the holiday would be celebrated on the last Monday in May. This was done in order to ensure a three-day weekend holiday. While it was a tradition in the past for many cities to hold Memorial Day parades, today the number of those parades are dwindling. It is important to remember that on Memorial Day, we honor those who died serving our country and protecting our freedoms

Monday, May 6, 2013

Housing prices up 30%

Monday, May 5, 2013

Phoenix housing prices up 30% in past year
Metro Phoenix kicked off the bustling home-buying season with another big price surge while the local supply problem worsened, according a report released Friday from ASU. In March, single-family homes saw prices climb by nearly 30% year-over-year in March to $175,000 - a 3% increase from the previous month. Slightly less than 12,000 active single-family listings that were not under contract on April 1. Only 20% of those active listings on April 1 were priced below $150,000. That's a 29-day supply versus a 39-day supply in March.
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One Fifth of New Homes Are Green
According to McGraw Hill Construction, 29% of homes built last year were green. That figure is slated to rise to between 29% and 38% by 2016. Most large builders have made energy-efficient home construction a standard practice, and federal tax credits for such components as insulation and geothermal heat pumps have helped green housing go mainstream. Studies show that homeowners reap the benefits of energy efficiency when they sell their homes.
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