Monday, July 30, 2018

Keeping Your Lawn Healthy in a Drought

Keep Your Lawn Healthy in a Drought
Keeping your lawn healthy can be difficult in these hot summer months. We’ve gathered a few tips for keeping it green all summer long.
Water in the morning - The air is cooler and the sunlight is not as strong. Water evaporates too quickly in the afternoon and can cause fungus to grow at night.
Mow less - Especially if you’re in a drought area. It’s best to keep your grass blades higher instead of cutting them too short. This encourages deeper rooting and shades the soil, which helps it retain moisture.
Aerate the soil - Aerating your lawn is great for loosening soil that’s compact and in desperate need of airflow. An aerator is a garden tool that creates small holes in your soil (usually about
a couple of inches deep) and helps your lawn absorb water and nutrients.
Don’t bag grass clippings - Instead of bagging your grass clippings this summer, use a mulching mower to return them to your lawn! When your lawn is well-mulched, water evaporates slower and provides important nutrients to the soil. Make sure your clippings are on the smaller side so they don’t smother your grass.

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